NOWN (ex-Arktura EMEA) is a group of Amsterdam-based architects, designers, programmers, engineers, and artists. Specializing in elevated design, the company produces easy-to-install, 100% carbon-neutral, award-winning ceiling panels, wall panels, partitions, and acoustic baffles.

As a brand designer who has a background in architecture, I have been entrusted with the responsibility of designing the company's brand elements following a recent rebranding conducted by Brand Brothers, a branding studio based in Paris.
Under the auspices of the company, I was responsible for crafting marketing collateral and editorial designs, designing brand elements, prints, and packaging, curating website content for optimal user experiences, ensuring a unified brand image and messaging, and driving brand visibility through online marketing.

Given the brand's utilization of the Replica typeface (created by Norm and published by Lineto) and the company's expertise in producing perforated aluminum panels, the concept was to transform all the individual letters into 55 cm x 55 cm perforated panels.

This approach would enable the factory to be structured in a manner that aligns with this aesthetic, effectively showcasing the company's capabilities through these signage elements, while using the company's new font to maintain a consistent brand identity.

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