Amr Ibrahim Mousa is a professional in the fields of design, architecture, and art, with particular expertise in branding and innovative design. He obtained a master's degree from Politecnico di Milano, where he concentrated his thesis on the fusion of branding and architecture. His work has earned numerous national and international awards across various design disciplines. He has delivered keynote speeches at various design events and has achieved international recognition through exhibitions and features in prestigious institutions and media outlets.

This logo was designed back in 2017, and Amr hasn't made any changes to his brand identity since that time. The idea behind the logo combines his initials (A, I, and M) with the form of the great pyramids of Egypt, which have significance due to his Egyptian heritage.

The Language 
The way he communicates can be characterized as both self-assured and modest, reflecting a blend of various aspects of his professional and personal self. At times, he exudes confidence, while at other times, he comes across as conversational. His written messages may occasionally be confusing, but they reveal facets of his personality, background, and accomplishments.

You can just call me Mousa! ;) 

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